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Infinity Ward vs. Activision?

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Sources report that there’s a lot going on at IW, and that it’s not good. It seems there’s some contractual issues between IW and publisher Activision. Apparently there was security present at the IW building and apparently studio head Jason West is now unemployed, according to sources citing his Facebook.

For the details I recommend checking out one of my sources, but I will update you when major news comes out.


Playstation Network troubles (resolved)

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There’s apparently a problem with PSN, which makes signing in impossible (and therefore MW2 multiplayer also). Some say it’s like a millennium-bug and that your Playstation thinks that it’s 02-29 instead of 03-01. Sony is aware. It seems only the older models are affected and the Slim ones are fine. To be clear: Sony made a statement that you should not use your PS3 until this is fixed (or if you have a Slim model).

For more info: Playstation on Twitter, Playstation blog

The problem seems to be fixed. You can safely use your Playstation, although you might have to adjust the time manually. For more information you can look at this entry on the Playstation blog.