Afghan tips

As you might have noticed, I’ve moved this blog to I hope to see you there!

I thought it would be nice to start with the map guides on alphabetical order, with Afghan therefore being the first. Afghan is a pretty decent map. There are some chokepoints, there’s shelter from air-support and there are open spaces. I’ll try to show you some things on the map. It’s quite possible that you know most of it already, but there might be some things that you haven’t noticed yet.

And let me add this: the tips I give may be of use for all gamemodes, but I write this from a tactical gamemode-perspective (Domination and Headquarters [HC or not]). I also recommend you look at the overhead maps you can find here: MLG Forums, since I’ll be referring to points mentioned there. I’ll be using a asterisk (*) when referring to the overhead maps. I’ll go round the map roughly counter-clockwise.

Recommended class

Assault rifle
Secondary of choice, would avoid the machine pistol since you’ve got an assault rifle
Sleight of Hand (preferably Pro, faster aim down sights)
Cold Blooded
Third perk to taste

I’ll go over the options for your custom class briefly:

Primary weapon
This map is most suited to assault rifle, since most of it is medium range. If you have difficulties shooting at longer range with your assault rifle, you can try one with different iron sights, put on a red dot, holo sight or the ACOG. Burst-weapons (FAMAS, M16) work really well, since the weapon forces you to shoot in bursts, making sure your aim doesn’t get off target. With a full auto assault rifle, it’s also more accurate to shoot in bursts.

If you don’t like assault rifles or want to try something else: sniping can also work quite nicely on Afghan. Try to have the desert-ghillie unlocked (200 one shot sniper kills), so that you blend in better. Avoid the obvious spots where there are many angles to watch.

Depends on the primary. If your primary is an assault rifle, the choice is between a handgun or a shotgun. Benefits of the handgun is that they are quick to draw (when out of ammo), and the shotgun is very deadly on short range. If you don’t have Cold-Blooded, it’s best to reserve a separate class for taking down air support (with a Stinger) and switch to that when in need (or anticipate! If you notice that someone is close to getting a killstreak reward, you might want to switch to the Stinger-class when possible). Using a sniper rifle, I’d recommend a machine pistol since it’s pretty versatile.

Totally depends on your playing style. Playing defensive (sniping for instance), a claymore is great to cover your back. Otherwise a semtex is great to throw in the bunkers (tip: throw a flash or stun first, and if you see a hitmarker (x) proceed to throw the semtex. That way, your victim is stunned or flashed and more likely to be unable to escape your semtex!)

Special grenade
If you have a thermal sight, use smoke. Otherwise, it’s between the stun or the flash. The flash has greater range, but the stun will slow your victim down, making it nearly impossible for them to shoot you. With a flashbang, they still may run away or pray and spray (just shoot like crazy).

There aren’t perks that are mandatory to Afghan, but I would recommend Cold-Blooded, since it’s pretty open and you’re vulnerable to air support.

A word of advice: be careful around the edges on the map, especially on the poppy field* side. When you cross the line, you enter a radioactive zone and you will quickly start seeing blurry and moving slow, and you die soon. So don’t cross that line, and if you do, get out of there as soon as you can because you’ll quickly become too paralyzed to move.

This is a very nice spot. In Domination you’ll have point A right in front of you, in Headquarters the HQ will sometimes be just behind the Hummer or in the big bunker*. So you’ll understand how effective this point is. It is a great spot to pull out your sniper-rifle and shoot down anything that’s coming from the bunker or the planewreck. Especially if you’re using a stealth class (silencer, Cold-Blooded), and you’re in a hardcore mode (still one shot kill with a silencer). Just make sure you watch your back. You’ve got pretty good cover, but if they walk up close they’ll stab you in the back. One way of dealing with this, is placing a claymore at the beginning of the path that leads to this spot (coming from the cave). That way, anyone coming from your rear will have to face your claymore. With the Scavenger perk, you’ll be able to keep putting a new claymore there once the old one makes a kill. Just remember this: flashbangs and stuns do disarm the claymore for a short period of time. And people with running classes might be able to run past them. Just use your ears for that kind of trouble and you’ll be fine.

This spot is very close to the other one (just a little to the right), still looking out on the same spots. You’ll notice however, that the view is not as good as with the previous spot. Yes, you can see the bunker, but you’ll have to expose yourself more. The Hummers aren’t in plain sight, but there very close. So if someone were to try and take over the point (defend icon blinking) you could easily throw a grenade (stun, flash or frag) or shoot him down. You have good cover to the sides and to the front, but to shoot players you have to come out of the cover a little. If you use a sniper-rifle with a thermal scope, you might just be able to prone in the grass and still have a good view.

When you move forward from the previous positions and go left instead of into the bunker, you’ll run into the crashed plane. This is a pretty dangerous spot to be in, so I’ll avoid it whenever possible. There might be people hiding in and around the plane (including the cockpit), both bunkers have a good view of you, you can be shot from behind, from people exiting the cave and from the the ledge on air defense south*.

Lets move on to the big bunker*. Here you’ll have a good overview of the crashed plane, the cave exit and the ledge. Do try to keep your side and back covered, either by the concrete of the bunker or by teammates. It’s basically the first place a sniper on the ledge will be looking. Also, once in a while a enemy will come and clear out the bunker. You’re vulnerable to grenades and other explosives (watch out for the explosive barrels in the bunker) so be careful!

This spot, looking into the open area, can be effective sometimes. Make no mistakes though, there’s little cover so you’ll have to rely on low traffic through that area. Let me explain the location: just outside of your line of sight are the two bunkers (the big one on the left and the smaller one to the right) and the cockpit (to your left). Almost straight ahead you look out on the ledge on air defense south, so you could kill some snipers. From this position you’re also able to throw a frag into one of the bunkers, or a grenade from a rifle-mounted grenade-launcher into the cave (it’s behind the plane). But don’t stay there to long, you’re vulnerable to your left (players standing around the Hummers) and front (ledge, bunkers, people exiting the cave, players coming from the poppy fiels). It’s recommended you use a stealth class when you go to this spot.

On this picture, you are looking into the big bunker from the side of the poppy fields, hiding somewhere between the shacks. When you have to defend either the bunker or the poppy fields, this is a decent spot. This is one of the spots where you see the enemy before he sees you, since you only have to watch a very small portion of your screen (the exit of the bunker). But once they find out that you’re there, it’s a matter of time before someone shoots a grenadelauncher at you.

The poppy fields provide a great hiding place. In domination, point B will be there. So when defending you just prone in the field and you’re basically invisible (even more so when you have Cold-Blooded Pro, which will prevent the enemy from seeing your name when they aim at you). So stealth is once again recommended, although you could hide on the side of the field until some enemies come, then pop out and empty your mag. It also works for snipers with a thermal sight as attachment. You could aim at the big bunker or the entrance on the other side, from people coming from air defense west*.

Bob-the-acman (from the forums at Modern Warfare 24/7) attended me of this point. I have to say, that bush provides pretty good (soft) cover! Let me explain your position: on your right are the poppy fields and on your left is the pipeline canyon. In this picture, I’m basically camping one of the three bottlenecks to the poppy fields. I wouldn’t suggest doing that, unless they keep running past you without noticing you. I would rather try and shoot players coming from the big bunker from that spot. You have to be careful though! You have a decent hiding place, but once they see you, you’re trapped in a corner with no solid cover.

This spot is tricky to get and not so good, so I don’t recommend you use it. Basically climb on the plane wing (center section of the plane) and walk to the other end. That’s where the screenshot is taken. Then you jump on those vents on the left (a bit hard to see but they are there) and then on the grassy and sandy ledge on the right. When using a stealh-class, you can be pretty invisible here, but 9 out of 10 times you either fall to death because you miss the ledge, or you get spotted before you get there. But be aware of people hiding there, keep it in mind if you get shot from that direction and you see nothing.

This is basically a very busy intersection, called the pipeline canyon*. Here you just see the wingtip of the crashed plane, but you also look out on the ledge from air defense west*. It’s a busy spot but somehow people will call in their care package there, when they think nobody’s around. I don’t recommend that though, because it’s just one of the busiest paths in the map and you can get attacked from about every side (left: poppy fields, front: plane, ledge, right: air defense west).

You’ll want to watch out when going to air defense west, there are two paths from this point that converge to one before arriving at the air defense west. This can be tricky when you see an enemy and are unsure whether he’s seen you or not. Claymore comes in handy, you could defend one corridor yourself and let the claymore do the work for you on the other one.

This is what you will see from the ledge at air defense west*. As you can see, you have a great overview there. You can see the entire middle section (apart from what’s covered by the plane) and both bunkers, the cave entrance and parts of the shacks close to the poppy fields*. This is a disadvantage as well. You are pretty exposed and it is a well known spot. If you decide to prone there and shoot some enemies, don’t hang around to long. There’s cover to your left and to your right, so you could quickly hide there. There’s also a quick exit: when you jump off the ledge, there are mattresses at the bottom. When you fall onto them, you survive your fall!

This is a better spot than the ledge, which Astra1_pRojectoR (from the forums at Modern Warfare 24/7) informed me of (thanks!). When you stand on the ledge, look left. There’s a little tree that’s on a smaller ledge. Jump over the rock to the side (practice in a private match) and there you are. Great for picking out snipers in the small bunker. It’s also offers good sight into the cave, opening tons of opportunities for you. The plane covers you from the big bunker, so that’s less of a concern. In a desert sniper ghillie (200 one-shot sniper kills to unlock) you will be hard to spot there.

Here you see air defense west from the edge of the map, hiding behind some air defense unit. You’re looking at the ledge here (behind the brick wall). This is one of many spots where you have pretty good cover. Use them to your advantage. The brick walls are great too, so make good use of them.

Then there’s this spot, kindly suggested and photographed by Johnsen5 (from the forums at Modern Warfare 24/7), on air defense west. You’re looking at one of the two bottlenecks to air defense west. When someone decides to head over there, by the time they look to the side they are killed by you. You could even get a little higher when you walk up against the rock. So when, for instance defending point C in Domination, you could do that alone or with another teammember, one sitting in this spot and one somewhere in the grass or behind a brick wall.

When you move on, always check the cave entrance. The cave is a busy place so people might be running out of it through this side exit. Good place for claymores too (just around the corner). Also watch the rocky area*, you can walk over most rocks and there is a path too.

And this is the catwalk*. On your left is the rocky area mentioned above. Use the catwalk to your advantage. The barrels blow up when you shoot them, so if an enemy is coming….BOOM! As you can see on the map (scroll up for instructions on where to find the map), there’s a little hallway of some kind you could use for shelter. Some use it for camping too, but the catwalk is not very busy. Oh, and be careful, you can fall off it.

This is a beautiful spot. You basically climb up on one of the rocks on the side of air defense south*. On the other side of the rock is a ledge where you have a perfect view of the rocks, the catwalk and parts of air defense west. It provides great shelter to the sides and back, nobody can shoot you from behind unless they happen to check out that spot (which your claymore will prevent). This spot is pretty hard to see, so the little cover you have in front of you is less of a concern than on other spots. As always, don’t stick around too long, they will eventually find you.

And here we have the cave. Notice the explosive barrel behind the rock there. It’s a place where people will often hide, since they are very hard to see in the shade there. Use flashbangs or stuns and explosives to kill them. In the cave you will usually find claymores so watch your feet! Flashbangs and stuns will temporarily disable them, but not for long! The cave is not a place to spend a long time in, unless your team has your back and side covered. The large cave exit (toward the center section) is dangerous. You can be shot from the ledge, from the small bunker and anything in between. As with most busy indoor spots, once in a while the enemy will clear out the entire thing, by using explosives and rockets.

Use these giant rock columns to expose yourself as little as possible. Don’t make yourself too easy to shoot. By using these guys, you can basically shoot the entire midsection without getting out of cover. Still, you should be aware of players in the center section and snipers in the little bunker. Especially when they are using thermal and you are not using cold-blooded, you’re still pretty visible.

When you exit the cave into the center section and turn left, this is where you’ll be standing. You can cover the cave exit from here pretty well, but you’re out in the open and can be shot from the plane and the big bunker. You’re covered from the ledge, so that’s a bonus. However, people on the ledge can jump of and stab you in the back.

Here you have a view from beneath the left wing of the plane, looking out on the big bunker. Lately I noticed a lot of players use this spot. Sometimes they face the big bunker, sometimes they face the other side. They can be pretty hard to see, since they’re in the shade of the wing. I wouldn’t suggest using it though, once you’re spotted, there’s no quick way out and not a whole lot of cover.

And last, but not least, I want to show you a great video by GUNNS4HIRE of where he shows you around Afghan (there’s a bit of overlap, but sometimes it’s clearer in video). I recommend checking out their site, they have some very informative video’s about (amongst others) Modern Warfare 2.

Well, that’s about it for Afghan. I’ve shown you the sneaky spots, but also the overused and bad spots. Use this knowledge to your advantage and check those nasty corners, and use the available cover! And don’t forget to be aware of the rest of your team. At any time, in any game mode, you can see where they are on the map by pressing start or ESC (even in hardcore modes). You will then see every team member and by knowing where they are, you can determine where the enemy must be. Use the sneaky spots, but know when it’s time to get out of there.

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