Kill/death-ratio, noobtubes and map-skipping

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So are they calling you noob for no reason? Is someone telling you that you suck unless your kill/death-ratio is above 1 or 1,5? Playing the same map over and over? Then read on: in this post I want to give some basic guidelines and comment on some misunderstandings in the online community. It’s recommended that you read ‘Online MW2 for absolute beginners‘ first if you’re new to the game.

To kill or to be killed?
There are lots of people that will tell you that you suck if your kill/death ratio (kills divided by deaths, or kdr) is lower than 1. If your k/d-ratio is lower than one, than yes, you get killed more than you kill. But does that make you a bad player? Not really! Think about it: for every guy (or girl) that has a k/d-ratio of 2 (he makes two kills on average before he gets killed) there’s another guy that has a k/d-ratio of 0.5 (getting killed twice as much as killing others). So if you’re k/d-ratio is one, you’re pretty average when it comes to kills and deaths. The k/d-ratio is not all that counts (well, it is when you’re playing free-for-all or team-deathmatch)! In tactical modes like Domination or Headquarters, you can be of great value for your team despite bad k/d-ratio’s. For example if you’re capturing lots of points: you most likely get killed a lot that way, but you’ll also help your team control the points and perhaps even win the game. If you play modes where only kills count, and you get killed a lot, you might consider the more tactical modes and focus on controlling those points instead of racking up lots of kills.

Say hello to my little noobtube!
Remember the scene from Scarfare, where Tony Montana (Al Pacino) comes out of his office with a rifle mounted grenade launcher?

Well, just like Tony Montana, Modern Warfare 2-players can use a rifle-mounted grenade launcher. Once you make a few kills with an assault-rifle (for instance the FAMAS or M4), you unlock the grenade launcher (often referred to as noobtube). It has two grenades, that have to travel some distance to become armed. They travel in an arch, and when they land they’re capable of killing everyone nearby. The thing is: they don’t have to hit another player, simple hitting the ground is enough the kill a player near the explosion. That makes it quite easy to use. Just aim roughly in the direction an enemy is coming from, shoot a grenade and he is history. That is exactly why there are a lot of people that strongly dislike the grenade launcher. They find that it’s to easy to use and to make kills. They think it’s for beginners, or noobs. Hence the name: noobtube. But let me tell you, it is not for noobs! Yes, you will pretty easily make a kill with it, but reloading takes pretty long and you have hit enemies that are close to you directly, because the grenade will not explode until it travelled some distance. The arch of the grenade also makes it harder to use. You might pretty easily hit the ground in front of some enemies, but can you shoot a grenade through a window far away? That takes skill. There is one thing that is really irritating of noobtubes: randomly shooting across the map. If you know for sure that there are enemies, it is perfectly acceptable to launch a grenade there and fry them, but just shooting and hoping to be lucky, that’s lame. You likely won’t hit anything and if you do, it’s luck and not skill. The same goes for normal grenades and rocketlaunchers. Just don’t use them randomly.

Not this map… AGAIN!

Once you put a few hours into MW2, you’ll probably have some maps that you like and some maps that you dislike. The developer of the game (Infinity Ward, or IW) provided players with a voting system, to skip the map that is showed in the lobby. This is nice, but don’t go and vote for all but a few maps. Learn to play the less fun maps. Adapt your playing style. If you still dislike the map, then vote for skipping. But remember this: don’t leave the lobby!!! This is why: some maps are more popular than others. That leaves a few maps that a lot of people don’t really like. They might vote to skip, but when the vote doesn’t pass, they often leave the game. This means that when you are searching for a game to join, you’re most likely to join a game where some people left because they didn’t like the map. Chances are you don’t like the map either. But you see where this is going: there are a lot of games with maps that aren’t popular. Don’t quit though! You’ll most likely end up in a similar map anyway. And if you stay, the next map in the map rotation might be a fun one. To break it down: don’t leave a lobby because of the map. It will eventually come back to you. Be patient and try to enjoy the current map.

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