Basic playing styles

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Although MW2 might feel chaotic and unorganized, when you look closer you’ll see this is not the case. Most players have developed their unique playing style. Some are more successful than others though… After reading this post you’ll come a little closer to finding out why and you’ll be able to refine your playing style a little more.

There are (almost) indefinite ways to play this game, but when you look closer, you’re able to categorize most styles in a few categories. Let’s start:

Camping in Afghan bunker

Players are called ‘campers’ way too often. But that doesn’t mean they aren’t there, unfortunately. Camping basically means that you’re close to a busy route, and you’re hiding behind a corner or  in a building on top of the stairs staring down or something. When someone rushes by, you shoot like crazy and hope you kill someone, basically just spraying all over the place on a short range. But sitting in one place doesn’t automatically mean that you’re camping. If you’re somewhere in a building with a good view, actively aiming at other players, that’s not camping. I would advice against ‘real’ camping, because you’ll probably don’t kill a lot but will get killed often. Even in hardcore modes without killcam, most experienced players will find you very soon and come and find you. Therefore, camping is something you should only do when you’re in some kind of tactical mode (Headquarters for instance) where you’ll have to defend a certain point. Even then you probably won’t be successful. And most important of all: camping just isn’t fun.

Pro’s: easy
Cons: not fun, lots of deaths, irritating

Stationary playing in Afghan bunker

These kind of players are sometimes referred to as campers, while they’re really a distinct group. The stationary players generally don’t move a lot, they refrain to one spot with a good overview and try to shoot anything they see. This means you’re gonna have to try harder to aim and most of the time you’ll be shooting mid to long range. In tactical modes, you’ll not be in the headquarters, or domination point or whatever, but in, for example, a building with a good view on the point you’re defending. Or with a good view of a route to the point you’re defending. As you might have noticed, stationary players are best in defending and providing overwatch. When attacking, they’ll be an easy target to shoot, simply because they don’t move that much. Stationary players, like campers, get killed quite often, but they’ll be able to have better kill/death ratio’s than campers. Snipers that aren’t that experienced fall in this category too.

Pro’s: useful when defending, pretty easy
Cons: vulnerable, bad k/d ratio

Rushing through the center on Afghan

The rushers are players that run into enemy lines and shoot at everything that moves along the way. Good rushers get lots of kills, but still quite a lot deaths compared to more careful players. Rushing works best in small maps. In the larger maps, stationary players will see them coming from far and they’ll be death before they reach the enemies. Rushers are also the most vulnerable to campers, because of the pace at which they’ll go through the maps. They simply don’t have time to check all those nasty corners for campers.

Pro’s: fun, fast, lots of kills
Cons: lots of deaths, pretty exposed, vulnerable for campers and stationary players

A stealthy player, moving from cover to cover

Stealth players
These guys, you don’t see coming (if they are good). They will run from good cover to good cover, only vulnerable in between those points. Stealthy players generally aren’t close to the rest of the team, they will try and flank the enemy, shooting them from behind. When you’re trying to be as stealthy as possibly, it’s most likely that you’ll be moving along the edges of the maps. This type of playing often gets very good kill/death ratio’s, but the amount of kills will not be as high as that of the rushers.

Pro’s: good k/d-ratio, fun, more tactical
Cons: total kill amount low, slow pace

And then what?
Now you know the very basic playing styles, you’ll be able to better deal with this kind of players, because you understand their style. It also makes it easier for you to define your own style (on which I plan to write another post on) and recognize these basic styles in your own styles. You might find that you are rushing too much (and getting killed too much) or that you’re camping too much. Just try to examine your own playing and refine it from there.

NOTE: this is a very simplified way of putting it, just to help you understand the game’s dynamics a little bit better. Good players mix up their playing, adapting to the circumstances.

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